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Marietta Retaining Wall Contractor

Retaining Walls and Concrete has been a trusted source for professional engineered earth retaining walls and concrete driveways in Marietta GA since 1988.

It’s what you can’t see that defines our retaining walls. On the outside it may appear that stacked blocks of stone or concrete is what retains the earth; but like a man's word, it is what is behind it that matters!

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Earth Retention Walls

earth retention walls

Avoid costly mistakes by making certain the retaining wall contractor you choose is licensed to build earth retaining walls and follows all construction regulations and abides by the local codes.

Timber Retaining Wall Replacement

timber retaining wall replacement marietta ga

We replace leaning or rotten timber retaining walls with beautiful, longer lasting sgmental retaining wall systems for far less cost than you may think.

Residential Retaining Walls

residential retaining walls marietta ga

Residential retaining walls help avoid soil erosion while providing a reliable structure for your home, driveway and all types of outdoor features.

Retaining Walls Available in

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Commercial Retaining Wall Construction

commercial retaining wall

To have us bid a commercial retaining wall project, click free estimate above and select "commercial" in the wall type section.

Retaining Walls with Stairs

retaining wall with stairs

The color and styles available in segmental retaining wall systems are endless; other advantages to block walls include the curves and decorative caps that are made possible with block.

Retaining Walls and Outdoor Living

retaining wall and outdoor kitchen

Our landscape architect can design a plan to create a more functional space and help you with design ideas to transform your unusable slopes into exciting outdoor living areas including pervious paver patios which meet new impervious surface codes.

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